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What you are about to read is BRAND NEW , you have never read about before. 

How do I know that? Because this “male enhancing” technology has been  7 years in development and patenting. 

It has NEVER released publicly. 
What you are reading about is the FIRST EVER CLASS 1 medical device for enhanced male sexual performance. 

The technology is so effective it beat Viagra in a head to head, sexual enhancement clinical trial. 

This will become YOUR key to the best sex of your life, even if you are 40, 50, 60 or EVEN older.  

This cutting edge male enhancement technology has been backed by decades of international clinical trials. 

It is proven 100% effective, without the side effects of dangerous pills and pharmaceuticals.

The age of the “sex pill” is over. You are one of the very first to read about the future of male sexual enhancement. It is already changing lives in closed clinical trials around the world.

As you read, you will quickly understand…

This will CHANGE and ENHANCE your sexual life forever. You will perform in the bedroom like NEVER BEFORE without putting your health or your hard earned money at risk. 

When you are enhanced sexually, you feel younger and more energetic. You will walk around with the swagger of a young stud because you know what you are capable of in the bedroom. 

Men “in the know” are reporting huge confidence boosts and enhanced quality of life. 

You will no longer fear the bedroom, you will OWN the bedroom!
Do You Want the Best Sex of Your Life? 
Give Me Five Minutes and I Will Give You the Secret to the Best Sex of Your Life. 
P.S. We have actually had wives write and thank us for revealing this information. 
Everybody remembers what they felt like at their sexual prime. Endless, great sex without any fear of not being able to perform. You could do it several times a day with no problems.

As we grow older, that starts to fade away. 

Over 30 million men currently struggle with erectile dysfunction, and believe it or not, 60% of those men are under 40.
Erectile dysfunction does not spare any men; if it has not affected you yet, it is coming for you.

Imagine being able to live without fear of erectile dysfunction. Imagine being in that same sexual prime you used to have, forever.

Imagine being able to have the greatest sex of your life, over and over, without worrying about your performance.

Let me tell you, it IS possible. This is not some unachievable fantasy. This could be YOU!
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I Became Terrified Of Sex...
It’s Friday night, my girlfriend and I are cuddled up watching a movie on the couch when small touching, leads to kissing… which leads to her saying... 

“Want to move this to the bedroom?”

And just like that, I’m terrified! Shear fear running through my body!

I was a man, and men are NOT supposed to be scared of sex. 

We are supposed to love sex! And YES, I do love sex, especially with my gorgeous new girlfriend. 
I want nothing more than to please her, make her feel good, but I know my erectile dysfunction won’t let me. 

It will block me and embarrass me and quite possibly RUIN my incredible new relationship!

I look to her, trying to hide how much I’ve been dreading this, and whisper out “we can try.”

“We can try?” 

Did I say that? Me?

What happened? When did it get this bad? What the hell am I going to do?

Sex is like my basic male, primal function and I am broken! 

To make matters worse, I KNOW I am broken so performance anxiety sets in. I can’t think of anything other than disappointing my lover, letting her down again. 

And YES, this becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. Another failed attempt!
I have a secret, I’ve been battling ED for years...
My last marriage failed, and I won’t deny that my inability to talk with my then wife about my erectile dysfunction helped drive into our painful split.

Without sex you grow apart, you lose connection. We just drifted until there was nothing left. That split and those years were incredibly painful. 

Yet, I was never able to find a solution!

I finally found a new beautiful girlfriend and BAM, I am still having the same issues.

I knew ONE thing, something HAD TO CHANGE! I had to Get My Sex Life and My Confidence Back!
I Quickly Found Out That The "Little Blue Pill" was NOT the Answer...
This time I’ve been honest and open with her about it. 

That was ultra embarrassing, but I am hoping to avoid the mistakes of the past and maybe find a solution together, outside of dangerous prescriptions.

I didn’t want to start taking male enhancement pills because of the cost and the side effects I’ve read about have always deterred me.

Not to mention, these pills only treat the symptoms, not the cause, so I’d have to keep taking them.

I miss being confident in myself as a lover, but at this point, I don’t even like thinking about sex.
And the knots in my stomach that night told me I wasn’t any closer to fixing it.

She’s been very patient and understanding of my ED, but the look of disappointment on her face never goes unnoticed, and I can already see it my mind before we even get to the bedroom.

I kept thinking to myself, it used to be so easy!

How did I do it?  

When I was younger, sex was always on my mind and I could perform without overthinking it.  

Now, sex is more like a plague on my thoughts.

I’m not alone, though.
  •  One in ten men are likely to suffer from erectile dysfunction, affecting 40% of people in their forties, and 77.5% of people in their 70s.
  •  And it can affect all ages, even as early as your 20s. Of the 14.9% of the men who have been diagnosed with diabetes in America, half of them have ED.
  •  It is also a contributor to 20% of ended relationships. Worst of it all, only 33% of men with ED actively seek out help and advice to finding a solution.
  •  Of the men who take prescription male enhancement drugs, 50% of them experience one or more side effects associated with the drugs.
Imagine Having Sex Like You’re 20 Again…
What if you could make ONE simple decision that would allow you to relive your “glory years” in the bedroom?
Would you do it?

Imagine what it would feel like to please your partner, over and over, without the fear of male failure...  

How much confidence would you have bringing your spouse home after an amazing date and knowing you could once again perform like a stud?
Let’s face it, there’s nothing worse than feeling like your BEST performance is behind you and you are a victim of your own “age”

There is nothing scarier than watching a relationship crumble because of an issue you can NO LONGER wrangle.

What if I told you, all of these fears could evaporate, like they never existed. 

That is what this letter is about - male redemption. 

While millions of other men struggle, you are NOW in the small group who will overcome ED

You will not JUST treat it, you will ATTACK it with a natural and safe option NEVER released to the world (until right now).

No, it is NOT a new “unproven” wonder pill and it is NOT a dangerous and expensive med. 

Why put yourself in that position when ED can be attacked with A POTENT, NATURAL and EFFECTIVE device?
That’s right, something you can quickly and comfortably take on and off, ONLY when you need it.
Imagine ALWAYS being ready for game time. 
Your future is NOW full of Rock Hard erections and performances that will be mind blowing for you and your spouse.

And guess what?

You may NEVER have to take another pill to perform properly.

You will never have to worry if you will be “ready for the bedroom” ever again. You will simply do what you want, when you want! 

This IS the best thing that could have ever happened to your confidence and relationship. 
After today, Erectile Dysfunction is no longer in your vocabulary…

Best of all, this is so proprietary, there is not a chance you have ever read about it or tried it.

You may want to keep this a secret until you see the smile on your spouse’s face! 
Would you like to please your spouse like they have never been pleased before?
Like Most Men, Every Single Thing I Tried, Left Me Limp and Disappointed…
Was I a failure as a man? I am not a dumb, but I seem to have trouble fixing my own health problems, especially my ED.
No matter what I tried, nothing worked and I REALLY needed it to work.
I mean, I felt downright ATTACKED by my Erectile Dysfunction symptoms. 

How about you? How do you feel when you can’t perform?

I felt like my existence as a man has been STOLEN from me for no reason…
How much can one man take? I needed to find a solution and I needed to find it quick!

Honestly, my first move was to go see the doctor about those little, blue pills…

They are advertised SO MUCH, they have to work right? They are basically touted as a miracle!

I have to say, at first, it was amazing. Everything I had hoped and wanted!
BUT, one day while having intercourse with my partner, I felt a horrible pain that stopped me in my tracks…
My chest became tight, and my face became flushed… Then, the dizziness set in, and I was near loss of consciousness.

I will admit it, I was totally terrified!

After 24 hours in the hospital and nearly having a heart attack and was given some incredible information. 

Pills such as Viagra have HORRENDOUS side effects!

Viagra has Horrible Side Effects Such As:
  •  Increased Risk of Heart Attacks
  •  Migraine Headaches
  •  Uncontrollable Diarrhea
  •  Terrible Stomach Pain
  •  Sudden Dizziness
  •  Excruciating Heartburn
  •  Constant Runny Nose
  •  Chronic Nose Bleeds
  •  Flushing
In fact, the Doctor on Call Told me that Viagra Really Shouldn’t be Used by Anyone Who Wasn’t in Perfect Health.
What? Most men who have ED, are like me, generally healthy but aging. When you age you end up with SOME health issues! They are nearly unavoidable!
Basically, I can have sex again, but it MAY kill me! No Thank you! 

Suffice it to say that was the last time I touched a pill for my ED.
Very Quickly my results unraveled! There I was again; unable to perform. 

And I was heartbroken after having seen some kind of assistance in the bedroom.
So, I went back to the drawing board, and began to scour the internet.
I spoke to my physician and he tentatively told me about a herb that may help…

Elated, I ordered from the first store I could find and hoped for the best.

I used it for 1 day, 7 days, 1 month, 3 months - NOTHING

It was a complete and total flop - PLUS, between Viagra and these herbs I had wasted almost $700. 
I Was Utterly and Totally Let Down!
Worst of all, I knew my lover was let down. Yes, she was standing by me, but I could see her disappointment as she watched me go down this miserable road.

Many people will not say this but ED is very isolating! Any OTHER health issue you can talk openly about with friends and loved ones…. Not ED

It is simply too embarrassing, and most would consider it too much information! Not to mention there is a horrible stigma attached to men with ED… it surely is not something you want to admit that you have!

What was wrong with me? I knew aging couples who had amazing sex. What was their secret? Why did they get a great life and I was stuck with this issue?

I was not only battling ED, I was battling a sense of depression and lack of confidence on a daily basis! 

Was I a failure as a man? As it turns out, my darkest hour was had, right before the light of discovery.
Would you like to Ditch your Past Failures and Read about an Amazing Sexual Discovery?
If you said “YES” keep reading  
This SINGLE Solution May Solve ED Forever! 
What you are about to read will blow your mind! That, I am sure of… 
Imagine having a full proof way to beat ED and enhance your sex life WITHOUT taking dangerous pills! 

Honestly, that was my first thought when I FIRST heard about this technology that would eventually change my life.

I assumed the only way to treat ED was through the use of dangerous drugs and pills.
Boy, was I totally wrong! However, up until this medical breakthrough, that WAS the case and many Americans do not know about this single amazing alternative! 

The solution is more powerful than any sexual enhancement treatment you ever heard about in your life.

It is a simple, non invasive way to enhance blood supply directly to your penis WHEN YOU NEED IT! 

There is NO MORE waiting or remembering to take something daily! This works as soon as it touches your penis skin.

It is ALWAYS there when you go to have sex and it is always effective! It is backed by over 7 years of research and an incredible body of clinical studies.

(You Will Read Those Below)

You are reading about the FIRST EVER Class 1 Male Sexual Medical Device designed to reverse the symptoms of ED! 

Best of all, this is something NEW! I have never heard of it and most importantly YOU have never heard of it. 

I has been guarded and held as a close secret during the patent process! 

Unless you are one of the lucky ones to test and have great success during one of the nationwide clinical trials. 
(I Have A Confession) My Marriage Failed Because I Was NOT Man Enough To Admit That I Had ED
I have to admit, having my first marriage fail was the toughest thing I have ever endured in my life. 

Eight years gone, down the drain. Even worse, my former wife cheated on me, crushing the soul of my man hood. 

Sure, right after and over the next two years I was filled with anger and resentment and placed 100% of the blame on her. 

As I have calmed down, I realized that my inability to admit my problems played a bit part in our split.
So, I am going to openly admit. I had ED and I was never man enough to share the problem with my wife, I simply tried to hide it and avoid it.

Honestly, it did not start off bad, it was just things here and there that I would notice. Maybe I was a little slow to get an erection or maybe it wouldn’t last as long, but it was not what I thought was ED. 

I had no idea this WAS EXACTLY how ED starts in men, it is not all or nothing, it is a gradual decline of your sexual performance.
Slowly but surely, things started to get worse and worse. This was the critical moment, where I made a mistake.

 I decided to hide this issue from my wife because I was embarrassed. 

I did not want to go through the humiliation of another sexual encounter where I could not perform. Worst yet, I felt my wife get frustrated at herself as if she was doing something wrong. 

She even asked me if she needed to dress sexier or maybe go to the gym more and I STILL didn’t tell her it was me.
Things got bad to the point where I would avoid sex all together and even stay later at work hoping she would be asleep by the time I got home.
I have now come to find out my former wife actually thought I was having an affair and that was the reason for my absence and decreased sense of arousal.
She could not be farther from the truth, but today, I clearly understand why she felt the way she did.

Things hit an all-time breaking point when she left her phone on the kitchen counter one night and I noticed a message come in from “Nate”. 

This message stated how excited he was to see her that night. Meanwhile, she had told me that she was having a wine night with her girlfriends…. SO, the jig was up.
Do you have any idea how crushing it is to find out your love is cheating on you. That some other man is seemingly more “man” than you are.
I cannot describe the pain and anger I felt during the revelation.
I will spare you the brutal details, but a year after this discovery we were officially divorced. Of course, I was bitter and still not facing my own issues. I blamed her and her actions even though I had been keeping a huge secret for over two years.
Today, I truly believe we could have avoided divorce had I just admitted I had ED and attacked the problem as a couple.
However, my marriage was history and I had to move on. I spent nearly a year alone, focusing on myself until I met a beautiful woman who would become my girlfriend.
Words could not express my excitement, she was everything I wanted in a woman and it truly felt like I was given a new lease on life.
I now had a second chance to do things right.
However, all of that excitement came crashing down when my ED symptoms began to slowly appear again.
This problem was not going away and it would ruin YET another relationship if I did not fix it!
I had no choice, I had to act this time and BEAT ED once and for all.
Most Men Don’t Know What Causes ED...
Too many times, people correlate age with impotence, but that isn’t necessarily the case, as young men in their 20s can start experiencing symptoms.

The probability of such a diagnosis does increase with age, but there are many more factors at play that lead to this condition.

The sexual arousal of a male is a lot more complex than you would expect, as there are many working parts that assist us in gaining and sustaining an erection.
That said, there are also a lot of things that can cause erectile dysfunction, be it physical or psychological. 

Unfortunately, the two can easily spill in to each other.

As far as physical cause for erectile dysfunction, health problems like diabetes and cardiovascular disease makeup close to 70% of all diagnosis.

Other medical conditions such as Parkinson’s and Peyronie’s disease can attribute to impotence as well.
If you suffer from metabolic syndrome or have a history of high blood pressure or high cholesterol, you are also at risk.

People with sleep deprivation experience a testosterone drop as severe as 70%, which means erections become next to impossible.

In fact, 60% of men diagnosed with sleep apnea struggle with sexual dysfunction.

Excessive use of tobacco, alcohol and other substances can lead to chronic health issues down the road and, subsequently, impotence.

Some medications, particularly antidepressants, will also raise your risk.

And, unfortunately, this is one of the side effects of the diuretics used to help with high blood pressure, as it decreases blood flow to the genitals.

Even treatments for prostate enlargement or cancer, along with surgeries pertaining to the pelvic area are contributing factors.

As stated earlier, the low self-esteem, or even embarrassment, triggered by performance issues only help make those problems worse.

Issues such as depression and anxiety, even stemming from external factors like problems from work or trouble with a relationship, can affect a man’s sex drive, or even their ability to become erect.

Feelings of inadequacy related to a disappointing sex life, or the inability to impregnate your partner, can create the psychological conditions for erectile dysfunction.  

Men who suffer from impotence due to psychological problems, and not health related, make up 20% of reported cases.  

I know that when you read all of this, it feels like EVERYTHING is stacked against you. Every year you age and every health condition creates a bigger and bigger issue. 

However, there is a shortcut and it is your CIRCULATION.

Circulation to your penis is 100% crucial for attaining and maintaining an erection. Regardless of your health issues, increased penis circulation will make sure you GET And KEEP your erection.

What you are reading about is a medically proven way to DIRECTLY increase circulation to your penis without ingesting a SINGLE dangerous pill.
Men are Experiencing Impotence at a much younger age than ever.
Fact: ED is Getting Worse and Worse Globally...
Erectile Dysfunction is affecting MORE and MORE men at YOUNGER and YOUNGER ages.

Erectile Dysfunction is normally known as a condition that affects the aging male, but that is NO longer the case.

A shocking study out of the UK showed that over 50% of men in the thirties struggle from symptoms of ED. 

More than a third of men under 30 reported they also struggled. 

This study shows that this life altering condition is now affecting men in their twenties and older, getting more prevalent each decade.

All of this while billions are poured into dangerous pharmaceuticals that appear to have no benefit.

Increased ED is linked to exposure to cell phone radiation, declining nutrition and air pollution which enters the body as toxins.
After This, I Was OVER ED and All its Life Altering Side Effects. 
As I Have Previously Admitted...
My Last Marriage Ended and my ED was a Big Reason to Blame. Once We Stopped Connecting Sexually, Everything Declined.
Now, we divorced for issues greater than sex, but the lack of sex did not help at all. I was embarrassed and she felt unwanted.

Fast forward two years after that heart break.
I was now in a steady, committed relationship with my new girlfriend and I really wanted to make it work.
I couldn’t handle losing another person I loved so dearly…
THANKFULLY, my issues with ED had been fairly moderate and for a while I thought I had overcome the issue.

Sadly, I was naive, as most men can’t simply “overcome” ED. It is a condition that needs some form of treatment. 
Then, one night, it happened.
It was our 1 - year anniversary, and all I wanted was a perfect night.
I came home early from work, and I bought roses and good wine, went to the grocery store and bought the ingredients to cook her favorite meal.

It was set to be the perfect, romantic evening. 

She was SO happy when she came home, and we had a magical evening together just being in each other’s presence.
Dinner was great and the wine and conversation was even better. 

When the time was right, we made the move to the bedroom.

I didn’t even think about my ED issues as I ushered her to the bedroom, and the intimacy began.
 As we began to kiss, I noticed immediately that as much as I wanted it… it just WASN’T HAPPENING.

I was attracted to her and I loved her and NOTHING, absolutely NOTHING.

This was a nightmare...
I WAS MORTIFIED, and that wasn’t the worst part…
I Could See In Her Eyes That SHE Felt Responsible! For Some Reason, 
She Apologized To Me
I could almost hear my own heart tearing in half.
I had been here before, and I was determined to learn from my mistakes and make sure this would not affect someone I love.
NEVER AGAIN would I lose my lover to this problem, not as long as I had the power to fight it.
I knew I had to do something and do it fast.
THAT, or suffer through another loss of the only person in my life I wanted to please…
I Needed to Fix Myself and My Relationship Before it Was Too Late...
FACT: ED Affects Women As Much As Men
When ED strikes it affects much more than just the man. Obviously, medically, it can only affect a penis, but emotionally if will affect both in the relationship. When it begins many women feel less attractive or less desirable because they can no longer arouse their male partner. Many women blame themselves and start to feel down and depressed. In fact, many times ED leads to women accusing their spouse of having an affair or having an affair themselves to fill a void. This is incredibly sad, but true. Remember, this behavior is not women wanting better sex, but women wanting to feel sexy and like they can arouse their male partner. 
When ED strikes it is imperative to reverse to ensure a long and happy relationship
I Could NOT Live Another Day with ED...
I was about to give up and succumb to my ED, it was ruining my life and I could not seem to fix it...
This may seem a bit dramatic, but I have spoken to many men in my situation and this is truly how they feel.
At some point, you just want to give up and stop fighting. Letting your spouse down night after night is incredibly embarrassing.
I was at the end of my rope. Poor sex was RUINING my relationship and it felt like there was nothing else I could do.

I had literally tried everything.
I couldn’t provide my girlfriend with what she needed anymore. I could FEEL the tension between us each and every time I saw her and I KNEW she was beginning to blame herself.
I was letting her down and making her feel terrible in the process. The last thing in the world that I wanted to do was break her heart.
One night, I got so depressed that I tried to figure out how to break up with her. I could not put her through this any longer since I had no solution in sight.
It constantly felt like she could leave me at any moment, so I was trying to figure out how I could do it first and put our dwindling relationship out of its misery
I opened a document on my computer and tried to type out what I was going to say to her, to finally end things.
Words escaped me. I could NOT bring myself to end our relationship. I didn’t want to end it, I just wanted my problem to be fixed.
I wanted to wake up with a penis that would not fail me and provide a sex life that would drive intimacy and romance.
"Sex is Closeness and Every Couple Needs Closeness"
I shut the computer and decided to go on the hunt, one last time.
As a last ditch effort, I got on the internet and put my research skills to the test.
This time I did not look at mainstream media and medical publications. All of these were geared towards US doctors and exclusively discussed dangerous meds.
I went directly to clinical study sites where I could look at unbiased data from clinical trials all over the world.
Luckily, I had studied human biology in college and many tasks included searching and reading clinical trials.
I am by no means a doctor, but if there was an unknown up and coming solution I knew I would find it here.
I started by searching for circulation boosting technologies and I figured I would narrow it down from there.
Now, this part was not easy and it took me hours of research, much of which ended up being dead ends or hypotheses that did not pan out.
But, after almost six and a half hours, I found something.
I found a 2012 clinical trial that was conducted by none other than Harvard Medical and it was incredibly extensive.
They did a full clinical review on FAR Infrared rays, and how they boost blood flow by increasing the production of nitric oxide in the body, expanding blood vessels.
Now, this clinical review took me another three hours to read as it encompassed sixty other clinical trials that seemed to span the globe.
But, finally, I found ONE blurb that would end up changing my life forever.
The Closed Clinical Trial...
Inside of a clinical study discussing boosting blood flow in skin vessels to reduce aging the summary included a small paragraph about how researchers were experimenting with the idea of boosting penis circulation the same way.
In fact there was even reference to how initial testing outperformed the effects of Viagra.
I felt a surge of excitement. Could this be real? Does something like this actually exist?
So, I went a step further and researched the doctors and their current testing, and THEN I found it.
I found a private clinical study for male erectile dysfunction device using the exact technology I had spent hours analyzing.
It turns out these doctors were in the process of developing the first ever, wearable, erectile dysfunction device and were already making headway.
I gathered up my courage, called, left and voicemail and even sent an email expressing my interest.
I really wanted to be a part of this test group. I wanted to feel like I was actively trying to beat my problem.
And, then.. I waited.
One day turned to two, which turned to a week. After about ten days I was once again beginning to lose hope and drift back into my depressive state, when…. THE PHONE RANG.
It was the medical center administer. They told me they had received my info and initially slots were full, but one opened up when one of the participants revealed he had prostate cancer (which disqualified him).
This was a horrible turn of events for him, but it gave me the chance I was hoping and praying for.
So, within 24 hours I had filled out all of the trial paperwork and was anxiously awaiting my device and my instructions.
I Still Didn’t Have My Hopes Up...
I have to admit, I was really anxious and nervous. Yes, I had read everything and understood how it worked.
However, I have been excited before, but I could not afford to get my hopes up and have my manhood demolished, again, if it didn’t work.
However, I was about to find out as I planned a romantic night with my girlfriend. I had setup everything perfectly for an incredible night.
After a beautiful dinner out, amazing conversation, the time had come.
But Then...Blood Filled My Penis Like It Had Not Done In Years...
Yes! This Was Something Truly Miraculous! 
As things began to heat up, I pulled out this small and comfortable device that fit perfectly around my penis.
In fact, my girlfriend was even mesmerized by the idea of using a new toy – she had no idea it was for medical purposes.
As it slide on I had a sense of excitement and confidence and then something happened, I actually felt my penis tingle.
As she touched me and the device did its job, my penis began to swell further and further becoming more sensitive as it grew.
I Honestly, Had Not Felt Penis Sensitivity Like This In Years. It Was Actually Working And It Was Working Right In Front Of My Eyes.
Most importantly, it was working right in front of her eyes. She saw it in operation and it created a sense of excitement that made the night electric.
I will save all of the details, however, I can tell you that it was the best sex I had had in years and I was STILL ready for more after the fact.
This was not a one hit wonder either, this incredibly comfortable device works every time that I put in on my penis.
This worked exactly like the scientific research says it would.
After all of the disappointment I’d been through, I FINALLY found an answer that had long term promise and it was and noninvasive.
After this, I was a true believer, FAR Infrared technology was the solution to all of the symptoms of ED plaguing me.
I am not afraid to admit that a part of me had to hold back tears.
For so long, I had been on so many medications and alternative treatments that had failed me OVER and OVER.
In the Past, Nothing truly worked.
And now, I had a SUSTAINABLE, NATURAL and STRONG erection that would not cost me my life due to heart complications.
All I could feel at that time was pure JOY and RELIEF.
I could not believe it.
All of this time, all of the lost sexual encounters and lost relationships… Solved with ONE decision.
I felt like I was on Top of the World. My partner was at a loss for words as she was instantly with a new man. She felt better and sexier than ever as well.
I couldn’t believe that after all of the struggles I had been through, I had finally done it. I HAD FINALLY FOUND AN ED SOLUTION.
At the time, I couldn’t remember a time where I felt more happy, grateful and proud of my persistence.
Unfortunately, I couldn’t help but feel anger…
As I began to report my results and get to know the clinical trial coordinators well, I realized I was not alone. Hundreds of other men in closed trials around the country were getting incredible results.
This incredible, unassuming device was set to change ED for millions of men.
Why was This Wearable Solution A Big Secret?
This simple and incredible discovery changed my life. I had discovered an ALL NATURAL way to fix erectile dysfunction, without ingesting anything, and with NO side effects!
I had an incredible sex life back (like I was decades younger) and zero on going health risks.
I’ll take that over a pharmaceutical any day of the week. I believe every man would.

And THIS thought, posed a major question. 

Why wasn't this discovery being shouted from every rooftop, all over the country?
I mean, it has been in successful tests for over seven years while it was getting FDA clearance, yet not a word about it in the national media. 

If this is the better solution (which it is), why are doctors still handing out risky prescriptions when there is a much easier and safer option?

The sad fact is, unless you subscribe to medical journals, or you did a “deep dive” on the internet, you would never find Red Ring.
Millions of men are in need and the real truth about ED is being clearly hidden. 

I did some more research, and I couldn’t believe what I learned….

This was not misfortune, it was a downright cover up. 

Doctors are actually paid BONUSES to write prescriptions for certain pharmaceuticals! Including dangerous ones! They are paid in cash or lavish gifts. Drug reps are their golden goose.

Plus, as an MD, they are not allowed to recommend a NON Pharmaceutical option, even it it is proven to work BETTER in FDA registered clinical trials.

Medical Doctors have to prescribe dangerous meds or they risk losing their license to practice medicine, this is the national rule.
This is why doctors often stack prescriptions, handing out multiple at a time to work with each other. 

For example, mine prescribed me a heart pill to counteract the risk of cardiac attacks from a prescription like Viagra.

Again, doctors are not fully to blame, they have no other options when it comes to what they can recommend. 
The sad part is, all of this comes down to money. 

Mafia like pharmaceutical companies have turned our illnesses into profit. They are lining their pockets with billions by handing out deadly pills to sick people, their “customers” (you and I).

They know EXACTLY what they are doing and they have lobbied the government for years to get maximum protection. 

Additionally, they have invested in most of the major media outlets ensuring pharmaceutical ads are constantly running nearly 24 hours a day

Right now, millions are needlessly suffering with ED and risking their lives to reverse the symptoms when there is a powerful and NATURAL option available.

An option that goes to work instantly increasing circulation to your penis and giving you hours of pleasure filled, rock hard erections. 

Everything you have been told on TV is a huge lie and it is about to be exposed.  
Your Erectile Dysfunction is Worth Billions to Big Pharma...
What incentive do they have to cure it?
$3,000,000,000 Worth of ED Drugs are Purchased each and every Year in the United States alone. Globally that number reaches $7,000,000,000.
Before you read a word further, realize over three billion dollars worth of ED drugs are purchased each and every year in the United States alone. Globally that number reaches seven billion.

Yes, Treating Erectile Dysfunction is worth billions in revenues. 
I was right there with you, taking medications for years for various ailments. The meds prescribed to help me with my erectile dysfunction nearly killed me, and my sexual functionality was still hit or miss.

Before my heart condition, when the pills didn’t work as well as they use to, my doctor told me I must up my dosage.

So, I do, at great expense of course.
Kind of, but it wasn’t 100% reliable, which made me uneasy.

The worry didn’t do much for my confidence, which only makes matters worse.

However, this is symptomatic of a much bigger problem!

While medications like Viagra and Levitra have over a 60% success rate among users, they’re neither curing erectile dysfunction nor stimulating arousal.

They are a temporary fix, which can be life threatening. 

Rather, these medications hot wire your biology to get you erect, regardless if you’re actually motivated to have sex. All the while, compromising your health and well being.

And that’s the problem right there!

Pharmaceuticals are not a solution to the problem. They are a temporary fix that you need to keep in your system.

Once you are locked into this “med cycle” you are stuck there, without a choice. 
Big Pharma Doesn’t Want You to Get Better When They Make So Much Money Off Treating Your Symptoms
Think About it.

A man with ED spends up to anywhere between $500 to $800 a month on these medications.

And that’s not even factoring in the cost of medications accompanied with erectile dysfunction prescriptions to offset side effects to any pre-existing medical conditions, such as heart disease or hypertension.

So, with that in mind, why would big pharma want to dry up a revenue stream?
You and Your ED Symptoms Are Worth $500 to $800 Every Month to Big Pharma...
That’s a lot of money off of just one patient.

150 million men worldwide have been diagnosed with ED, with an expected increase of 170 million in the next 7 years alone!

The market is getting bigger and bigger as the years go on. 

If men didn’t need these prescriptions anymore, that’s a large industry that’s still growing, with a sizable chunk of profit gone for big pharma.

Additionally, the annual amount spent on research and treatment for erectile dysfunction exceeds over $1 billion worldwide, but where are the results?

Why is so much money spent with so little results?

That’s when I finally saw the big lie in front of me all these years.
Big Pharma only wants your money, they do not want to solve your ED and they don’t care how you feel day in and day out.
Pharmaceutical companies are more successful than ever, with doctors writing ED prescriptions left and right for the sake of financial incentives.

Patients believe these meds are the ONLY OPTIONS for a life without ED. 

Even more dangerous, prolonged dosages create a dependency on the drug, which can have dire effects on the body and mind worse than any symptoms you’re trying to relieve.

And it’s not uncommon for these male enhancement medications to become less effective over time, meaning that you must up your dosage to get the desired results, which only drives up the total cost.

Increasing your dosage might help, but that also means increasing risk and severity of the side effects associated with these drugs.

There are so-called “alternatives” outside of Big Pharma that is considerably more affordable, and considerably less effective.

Sure, you're paying less, but you’re getting what you paid for as a result.

But then again, you might not know what you’re paying for, as these products have had no clinical testing or trials.

I thought it seemed hopeless, but it’s wasn’t.

You are reading about a way to pull yourself out of the pharmaceutical trap!
This is THE SECRET to the best sex of your life without straining your wallet or putting your life at risk. 
This Wearable Sex Discovery is the FUTURE of ED!
As you have read above, Big Pharma does not want you to find an ED solution, they want you addicted to their medications.
They want to use attractive women spokespeople to seduce you into believing that a “little blue pill” is necessary.

The information on this page is the key for men just like you and me who have struggled with ED for years.

It has become blatantly clear, that the national media will not carry mainstream news about a solution this powerful.
Simply put, Big Pharma does not want a solution like this out in the open market - it will kill their profits.

So, it is up to you and I to read this ongoing data and share (if you wish).
This gives you a viable, safe and clinically proven solution to ED for today, tomorrow and the rest of your life.

Why should we pay SO MUCH for dangerous pills that do not provide any ongoing benefit?

Why should we artificially dope our body if we can actually fix the source of our ED?

Why should we be stuck in Big Pharma’s Hamster Wheel when there is a natural and effective treatment in the world?
 If This Resonates With You, YOU ARE NOT ALONE.
It’s time for an UNBIASED approach to treating ED!
We need to stand together as MEN and fight back against companies putting our wallets first before our health. 
Together we can fight against this tyrannical reign that has plagued us for DECADES.
This Technology IS Reversing ED All over the Country...
{As clinical trials continued nationwide, more and more astounding results came pouring in}
Success stories just like mine, from men who thought their sex life was over.

In fact, many of these patients began in worse shape than me. 

There was a consensus, every one of these men seemed to go through exactly what I did. They felt alone and many had lost hope.
Reports of depression, ruined relationships, shame and frustration was a common thread that held us all together.

Past that, all had grown totally sick of meds that barely worked, broke the bank and came with terrible side effects. 
This SIMPLE Technology Changed Everything For Men Just Like You and I...
I have to admit, once I saw them published, some of these stories are almost unbelievable. 

I read of a one man who had struggled with erectile dysfunction for over a decade before using this device. Everything changed for him. He could perform again like he was years younger.

The best part is, these men came from all different age groups, economic status’ and health levels.

None of this mattered, the technology simply worked. 

The community of men whose lives have been changed is growing rapidly and shows no sign of stopping. As more clinical trials conclude, more and more success stories are emerging. 

A little later you will be able to read and watch some of these astounding testimonials.

You are just minutes away from learning about the first ever FDA Registered ED Medical Device.

The same device that is giving men renewed, long lasting, erections all across the country. 

Best of all, it is backed by years of clinical science. 
The Technology Is New, But The Erection Boosting Supporting Research Is Decades Old. 
The Research Supporting This Amazing Technology is FAR from new. In fact, it has been around for years, if not decades.
However, there was never a portable way to deploy it, until right now. 
Nitric Oxide Technology Clinically Proven To Out Perform Viagra
This is the clinical trial that shook the medical community to their core. This was the first time a natural technology outperformed a staple ED medication.

It all began because a RICE University medical researcher had a hypothesis. 
In a study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine five years ago, scientists at Rice University conducted a clinical trial on lab rats to illustrate the correlation between penis circulation and impotence, and if Nitric Oxide could be applied therapeutically to prevent it.

In the experiment, 40 male rats were split into four controlled groups where each would receive either a treatment of:
A)  Nitric Oxide bead injections, OR

B)  Sildenafil (Viagra), a vasodilator that increases blood flow to the penis, no treatment at all, and combination therapy for erectile dysfunction, which is when the first and second-line treatments are coupled together.
Another group of 10 male rats of similar age, were kept as another controlled group.

During a 5-week trial, each rat from the five different groups received electrical stimulation to their cavernous nerve, which helps solicit penile and even clitoral erections, with varying degrees of voltage to determine erectile response from their respective treatments.
In just 3 weeks, the rats that received the injections of Nitric Oxide beads, exhibited a significant increase in sexual response compared to the other three controlled groups of the males.
It was proven, Nitric oxide can assist in male sex by expanding the blood vessels, making their transportation easier.  

When the corpus cavernosa cannot fill itself with enough blood, vasodilation cannot take place; therefore, no blood can get to the organ.
Humans have the EXACT same issue, and Nitric Oxide Fixes this Deficiency. 
In a test conducted back in 1994, researchers wanted to test how essential Nitric Oxide is on sexual function by introducing it to unimpaired, male rats.

Another controlled group was given a substance that reduces nitric oxide in the body. (NAME for short).

These substances were administered prior to copulation in the proper doses to measure penile reflexes, as well as genital motor activity.

Between the two groups, the rats that received their therapeutic dosage of Nitric Oxide experienced an increase in penile erections and response, where the NAME group not only displayed a decrease in arousal, but an increase in premature ejaculations.

Additionally, the test displayed that Nitric Oxide actually helped reduce the number of premature ejaculations on top of helping fill the corpora cavernosa.
In a 2018 study published January in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, 232 men diagnosed with ED spent two different, four-week trials applicating one of the two gels they were given prior to sex.
One of the gels contained nitroglycerin and glyceryl trinitrate (enhancing nitric oxide), while the other was merely a placebo.
For the week, the test participants used the topical, medical gel, and 25% of them saw an improvement in their sexual functionality, with 70% noticing an erection in 10 minutes or less, and 44% getting one in 5 minutes or less.
As for the placebo group, only 14% saw an improvement.

The potency of this gel can be attributed to again, Nitric Oxide, as the nitroglycerin boosts the neurotransmitter in your body.  
Essentially, if the penis doesn’t receive enough blood flow, it will not be able acquire or maintain an erection.

Nitric Oxide is important to the process, as the chain reaction it has with guanylyl cyclase increases the production of cyclic guanosine monophosphate (cGMP).

This process leads to vasodilation, and subsequently an erection, but that will not occur if the nitric oxide binds to respiratory enzymes instead.
The clinical trials ALL prove the same thing. Nitric Oxide production is the KEY to reversing the effects of ED and having great “ageless” sex.
Nitric Oxide is So Powerful it Won a Nobel Prize
When it comes to enhanced circulation, the nitric oxide molecule is the reigning medical science king. Its discovery earned a Nobel Prize in Medicine in 1998 when medical scientists realized they could use this enhanced cardiac circulation and normalize blood pressure.
Nitric Oxide production is the most advanced circulation enhancer medical science has found in the last 100 years.
I Didn’t Just Get SEX Back, I Got My Life Back.
This device gave me back so much more than my sex life. It gave me back my marriage and my confidence as a man.
I had no idea how GREAT I was going to feel FINALLY overcoming ED. It had been years in the making.

Years of failure, finally reversed. I literally had an exciting new life ahead of me.

What was really exciting was how it assisted other male functions outside of sex.
You have seen the AMAZING studies the prove the ability of Nitric Oxide to help ED, however the increased circulation helps MANY male functions.
Not only does the device provide blood flow to your penis, it will enhance blood flow to the general Pelvic Area, which is incredibly important for male health.
This will assist with ANY underlying blood flow issues this area may have.
Incredible Male Health Benefits...
For example, A pelvic vein obstruction can cause unexplained leg pain or swelling, pelvic pain, or leg ulcers which are difficult to heal.

Not to mention, increased blood (which carries oxygen) will nourish and “Age Fortify” your entire male reproductive process. 
These are just a few things this revolutionary device can help with ALONG with ED.

This is why the FDA Classified it as a “Male Reproductive” medical device, not specific to ED. 
In addition, if you have been unable to become aroused and ejaculate, it’s VERY LIKELY that your prostate is being NEGATIVELY affected as well.

Prostate health is a silent but DEADLY killer.
Studies have found that people who ejaculated 21 times or more a month were less likely to report prostate cancer at follow-up than those ejaculating four to seven times per month.
CLEARLY, this is an OUTSTANDING additional benefit of using a device that assists with Erectile Dysfunction.
But, here’s the BIG hidden benefit…
More confidence and NO MORE UNCERTAINTY AND FEAR in the bedroom. 
Imagine never worrying about your performing in the bedroom again, EVER!

That “worry free” life can be your new reality.
The STRESS alone is bad for so many bodily functions, but your mind suffers along with the rest. 

In fact, anxiety alone can lead to ED, without any other medical issues.
Without STRESS and FEAR, you are unhindered in your sex life and your mind will never get in your way again, ever. 

In fact, when you are performing your sense of confidence will be at an all time high! 
Imagine taking your partner into the bedroom WITHOUT A SINGLE WORRY, knowing that you’ll perform at your peak?
Knowing that you may perform better than you did when you were twenty. Let’s face it, now you have the sexual knowledge of a man your age PLUS equipment that will function at its peak.

This is an UNSTOPPABLE combination and your partner will love it! 
Yes! CONFIDENCE is the REAL benefit and it will change your life (Exactly like it did mine)
Confidence in your relationship, confidence in your performance, and, MOST IMPORTANTLY, confidence in YOURSELF.
Wouldn’t you love to have NO FEAR and be 100% CONFIDENT whenever you need to sexually perform for your spouse?

This new life is only minutes away! Other men are already experiencing it! 
What If You Came Home And Your Wife’s Bags Were Packed?
This is happening to men all around the country, as you read this. 
Do not be another statistic.

Can you imagine the feeling of coming home after a hard day at work, or even a trip to the grocery store to find out your spouse was LEAVING YOU?
YEARS of marriage destroyed in a Split Second… all because you have let a divide separate your relationship.
You walk through the door… and the sadness on your spouse’s face CRUSHES your soul.
Never in a MILLION years did you think that Erectile Dysfunction could undermine even a DECADE of dedication and love…
As she walks out the door, with tears in her eyes, your heart SHATTERS into pieces.

Sadly, this happens to THOUSANDS of men all over the world.

Most couples won’t admit that SEX is what destroyed a marriage. Even saying it feels superficial. But sex affects SO MUCH MORE.

When you have ED, your wife might blame herself. She may feel like she is not pretty enough, which induces insecurity.

She may think you have found someone MORE ATTRACTIVE, that can actually arouse you.

Now, none of this is reality, but our mind is a powerful factor. 

What we perceive drives us to make decisions, maybe even bad decisions like starting an affair or ending a marriage. 

Let’s face it, ED is embarrassing and many men do not share the struggle with their wives. It is not an easy thing to admit or discuss.

Instead, silence fills the room, which eventually leads to an empty house and a deceased relationship. 

It does not EVER have to come to this. 

This may not seem like a likely reality, but men are shocked daily as women leave relationships with secrecy and shattered connections.

Imagine how you would feel if this happened and you knew of a solution that was safe and effective. 
Imagine KNOWING this fate was 100% avoidable through a NATURAL and EASY method that your wife would fully support. 
Could you live with yourself when you saw that this device was AVAILABLE to you and you simply ignored it?
Knowing that if you had just TRIED this ONE, simple thing, you could’ve saved your marriage and added years of happiness.
There’s absolutely NO REASON this should happen to YOU!

What you’re about to find out will alter the course of your FIGHT with ED for the rest of your LIFE.

A long and happy marriage is in your future, you just need to keep reading.
P.S  Remember, I am NO different than you. I am not a doctor and I am NOT a genius health professional.

I am a 48-year-old man who had a problem that REALLY needed to be solved.

And honestly, I almost gave up. ED took my wife and previous marriage from me and it nearly took my new, incredible girlfriend.
I had nowhere to go and not many people to ask, however, I knew how to research and that saved my manhood.

But NOW, things are NO LONGER stacked against you, not COST or accessibility.

What you are about to read FIXED me and I have personally seen it FIX hundreds of others just like me.

Now, you can ATTACK your ED with a safe NON DRUG option that is backed by Nobel Prize winning science.

If I can have the BEST SEX OF MY LIFE, SO CAN YOU! It is time to get your relationship and your confidence back on track.

No more excuses, you can do this!!
- Thomas Kennedy
Introducing Red Ring, The First Ever FDA Registered Male Sexual Medical Device.
Now Covered by a Worldwide Patent
The Red Ring device is a patented and flexible silicone ring that contains FAR Infrared generating rare earth minerals, exclusively from Japan. When easily applied, it immediately begins sending wave after wave of FAR Infrared into your penis, which stimulates immediate Nitric Oxide flow and increased circulation. Increasing your penis circulation will stimulate rock hard erections while the ring itself keeps the blood THERE and USABLE for as long as you need to perform.
This patented, sexual solution took years of research, clinical trials and multiple FDA registrations to become the registered device it is today.
Red Ring was 7 Years in Development and over 5 Million Dollars in Research Costs.
Achieving FDA Registration is not an easy feat. The Red Ring has been in development and testing since the first prototype rolled off the assembly line in 2011. 
As you now see, nitric oxide is a proven sexual enhancer AND FAR Infrared is a proven nitric oxide facilitator. However, getting the proper rare earth mineral strength into something the size of a flexible penis ring was not small feat and it took years of research and development to finally achieve.
Our Scientists Discovered Erection Inducing, Rare Japanese Earth Minerals
We can never disclose our exact blend, as that is proprietary and protected by our patent, however, we can gladly discuss the manufacturing process. 

In order to get maximum output from a small device, Red Ring scientists needed to test and find the strongest FAR Infrared producing rare earth minerals in the world.

Why? FAR Infrared will power your erection and the output power of Non Thermal FAR Infrared boils down to the strength and quality of the rare earth minerals excavated. 

These very rare “earth based” minerals have the unique ability of generating wave after wave of erection boosting Non Thermal FAR Infrared without any heat source.

In fact, they use the body’s very own heat to activate and create even higher levels of FAR Infrared.

The Most Potent Rare Earth Minerals (after extensive testing) exist off the coast of Okinawa, Japan, inside and buried below some of the most gorgeous corals known to man.

The Okinawa islands are situated some distance from Asia’s continental landmass, so the marine environment is free of the vast quantities of silt and organisms that normally wash into the sea. 

The seawater is so clear that you can EASILY see 40 to 50 meters below the surface. 

The sun shines strong and deep into the water, providing the necessary conditions for gorgeous and potent reef-building corals.

Because there are no large rivers dumping freshwater into the sea, the salt content of the seawater is high enough for coral growth.

The Kuroshio Current brings water from the tropics. The climate is subtropical, unusual for such relatively northern latitudes.

These conditions give the sea around Okinawa a wide variety of corals and help to build large coral reefs.
This Coral Holds A Secret That Would Eventually Boost Your Erection
Due to the purity of the coral, It ALSO contains the MOST POTENT Non Thermal FAR Infrared producing rare earth minerals in the world. 

These specialized minerals are ONLY found here. Nowhere else on earth can replicate the purity found in the area of Okinawa.

When these rare earth minerals are excavated they create the most powerful, erection boosting Non Thermal FAR Infrared on earth.

With all of that said, these minerals are rare, hard excavate and have limited supply.
Red Ring Pioneered A Proprietary Method of Extraction
Red Ring development scientists worked with the largest mineral lab in the world to create an extraction method suitable for these types of minerals. 

Previous extraction methods would produce yields that were much lower than expected.

What good was a solution that was so rare, only a few people can take advantage? 

So, as a team, Red Ring went digging and found a solution in the form of the MOST ADVANCED mineral research center in the world.

Laurentian University in Canada has the LARGEST mineral research center in the world and they have pioneered ocean based mineral excavation, allowing for more comprehensive extraction - maximizing the mineral yield.

This WAS the SOLUTION to our problem

The decision was easy, our team partnered with this cutting edge university to ensure we can extract as much mineral as possible, while keeping them “active”.

With this in place, we had the raw materials to create the first ever Wearable Male Sexual Boosting Device.
Scientists Spent Over Two Years Formulating the Rare Earth Minerals
Once excavation was accomplished, Red Ring Medical Scientists spent over two years refining and optimizing the FAR Infrared rare earth mineral blend to get the potency PERFECT while allowing the medical grade silicone to maintain its flexibility to be comfortable enough to wear while being rigid enough to not constantly break. 
Harvard Medical Research Assists with Mineral Micronization
The first roadblock that Red Ring developers experienced had to do getting enough FAR Infrared output out of a device that was so small. Many of the first tests failed miserably as the ring came back with much lower output than was needed to stimulate active erections. Even changing the blends didn’t have a great effect.

Then, researches stumbled upon a methodology developed with Harvard Scientists
Harvard scientists discovered that “micronizing” minerals increased their natural output levels. Essentially, the smaller units worked together more efficiently to create output than the whole. This theory was validated in test after test, even in the specific case of rare earth minerals. 

Red Ring scientists applied this method and the FAR Infrared production went through the roof even in micro amounts of rare earth minerals.

Micronization is now officially part of the manufacturing process, yielding the most potent FAR Infrared output in the world. 
Validation By the Top FAR Infrared Lab in the World
Even after our internal tests were completed, we needed to show third party validation. 

FAR Infrared wavelengths are very specialized and they can only be identified by lab machines costing tens of thousands of dollars per machine. In fact, the top testing center in the world is housed in China and is named the Wuhan Product Testing Institute. Their equipment far exceeds any known testing method anywhere else in the world. Plus, they are the only facility the FDA accepts when it comes to medical registration. 

After extensive testing, the Red Ring device tested at a .87 on the FAR Infrared Scale of 0 - 1. This rate is officially known as “very powerful”. 

This was an amazing achievement for something this small. 
Nearly Five Solid Years of Clinical Trials, Use Testing and Customer Surveys
We knew what FAR Infrared does for circulation and sexual performance, but we had to prove it via FDA standards. 

After spending two years in constant development, our team had a working prototype, but that was only the beginning of the battle. The next step was commissioning human trials and getting the performance and wearability to its absolute peak. 

The clinical trials have been discussed in great detail (above), but the wearability factor is nearly AS IMPORTANT.
Wearing something on your penis is much different than any other body part, it has to be snug enough to work (restrict blood from leaving), yet comfortable enough to leave on for hours without discomfort.

The penis is sensitive, and even if something worked, patients would not use it long if it was not comfortable from them or their partner.  

During the process, we made a major breakthrough in how we “finished” the silicone after production. By specifically treating the silicone, it stays soft and pliable for maximum comfort. Once this discovery was made, many test subjects claim they fell asleep with it on by accident. 

The Red Ring is not only highly effective, but it is highly comfortable to use. In fact, your partner will feel nothing other than the improved experience you are giving her. 

Once the Red Ring is on, you will forget it is even there. 
Fusion Infrared Technologies is the Worldwide Leader in FAR Infrared Technology
Since 2011, The Fusion has led the world in Non -Thermal FAR Infrared technology development.
Our devices were the first of their kind to finally receive FDA Class 1 Registration in 2018.
Our FAR Infrared technology centers around inducing nitric oxide production and drastically improving circulation.
This technology has eased pain and healed painful tissue disorders (such as arthritis) all around the world.
We have continued to hone our technology turned their focus on supercharging penis blood flow, providing a solution with millions with ED.
Red Ring is Fully FDA Registered as a Class 1 Sexual Medical Device.
Although FDA Registration was not mandatory, it had been a major goal for years. In 2017 Red Ring was issued a full FDA Registration as a Class 1 Sexual Medical Device. 

This was important to our team, as now we can talk about the specific sexual benefits and explain exactly how Red Ring directly affects the male erection and sexual performance.

Plus, the registration allows Red Ring to be sold as a sexually enhancing device in “Age Management” and “ED” clinics all around the world.

Most importantly, our customers know they are using a device that has been properly tested and vetted by FDA Medical Device Standards.
Ongoing Quality Assurance
Our Tier 1 Product Assurance does not end at our manufacturing facility. Every single Red Ring device that enters our FDA Registered distribution center is handpicked, inspected and tested for visual defects and FAR Infrared output. 

Once the devices are visually inspected, a sampling from each incoming shipment is laboratory tested with a lab grade FAR Infrared meter to ensure optimal output before they are ever released into our sellable inventory.

Our processes meet and far exceed what is required by an FDA registered distribution center. With our stringent policies, you can be assured you will receive a Red Ring device of optimized quality and performance. 
Simply Put, The Red Ring is an Erection Booster That Works In JUST Seconds.
With Red Ring, you are always just seconds away from skin stretching erections and peak sexual performance.
The entire technology comes down to its ability to boost nitric oxide flow in the penis, optimizing penile circulation.

When blood gets to your penis, it will fill up and you can gain an erection at any age, with any health condition.

Once applied, the gentle restriction of the Red Ring will keep the newly optimized blood powering your erection for hours on end.
In fact, your erection will stay until you are finished using the Red Ring Device. 

The Red Ring is the first and only medical device designed for increased male performance and erectile dysfunction. 
Here is what happens from the moment you put it on...
When applied, this newly patented device instantly boosts the “sex molecule” Nitric Oxide all throughout your penis. 

When Nitric Oxide is flowing through your penis veins, they expand, ensuring it can take in as much blood as possible, maximizing every single god given inch. 

Not only will you perform better, you will look bigger to the naked eye, impressing any partner you are with at the time. 

In fact, the production of nitric oxide is the most powerful male sexual treatment of our time. Proven more powerful than billion dollar Viagra.

Clinical trials over the past 15 years have shown that a lack of nitric oxide is one of the most common triggers of erectile dysfunction. 

When your Blood flow slows down, your erections fade away like a distant memory. 

However, the benefits do not stop there. No more half baked erections that do not last longer than a few moments.

Having an erection and losing it may be worse than never having one in the first place.

After application The Red Ring gently restricts blood flow out of your penis. That means every inch of your new found erection will be there for as long as you need it. Whether your encounter last for minutes or hours, you erection will not subside until the Red Ring is removed.

In fact, many men have reported they maintain their erection even after ejaculating, allowing them to please their partner and themselves over and over again. 

Best of all, you just wrap it around the base of your penis and you’ll be having the BEST sex of your life. 

In fact, we even have a larger size for the genetically gifted among use. 

It’s THAT easy!
Fact: Increased Blood Flow Means Increased Pleasure
Do you remember, years ago, when you penis was so full of blood it was sensitive to the touch. I mean erections that actually turn your skin purple from the amount of blood. We have all had them and sadly they were probably in our twenties when we were at our sexual prime. 

Scientifically, one this is for sure, increased blood flow increases penis sensitivity and boosts the pleasure of sex. 

Why? When you have more blood in your penis, your vessels expand and press the nerve endings closer to your skin, allowing for maximum stimulation.

As you age, and your circulation diminishes, so do your pleasure centers. 

The Red Ring will Increase Circulation and Penis Sensitivity

No matter your age, you can have those rock hard, sensitive erections back by simply improving circulation directly in the penis. 
Comfortably and Quickly Apply it Without Ruining the Mood.
There is nothing in the world that is easier than the Red Ring.  It is applied faster than a condom.
It can be applied in seconds and many men have their partner apply it for them which can build the foreplay experience.

You can do it “in the moment” or part of the moment, unlike stopping and taking pills. 

Once it is applied, it is comfortable and ready to work.

Whether you need it for minutes or longer, it will work until you take it off.
Do you remember what a hassle taking a pill was. For many men, it is a mood wrecker for sure. 
You had to get in the mood, THEN take your pills, THEN set a timer on your phone so you would not miss your “window”

This is not the sexual spontaneity we hope for in a relationship.

Additionally, many of us also have to take blood pressure medication along with the sex pills to keep our heart in working order. 

By the end of all this, many men don’t WANT to have sex anymore as they are removed from the stimulation and arousal that made them start the process in the first place. 

All of these “solutions” are such a hassle and rarely, if EVER, gave the intended results.

Red Ring changed all of that. It is by far the easiest solution ever discovered for ED and sexual dysfunction.

Again, it can easily integrate in the sex process. 
It’s easier than putting on a condom, and it boosts circulation so quickly that it goes to work nearly immediately. 

Red Ring can increase the hardness of an erection in less than ten minutes.

It’s insanely simple; heat things up in the bedroom, slip it on, and go to town. No waiting around for it to work.
Many report that it feels easier to have sex with Red Ring than it did in their 20’s. So much so that they have sex more than they used to with BOOSTED performance. 

Red Ring is extremely comfortable, too. It’s firm enough to hold the blood in place, but adds no painful pressure to the penis. 

Most men can’t feel that it is there

I’m willing to bet that even those who don’t struggle with ED would love using Red Ring, just because of how easy it is, and how much better sex is, even better than when I was in my prime.

Even those without ED love the Size and Performance Boost.
The Red Ring Benefits are Endless
Red Ring Provides Sexual Confidence So You No Longer Live in Fear of the Bedroom.
The Red Ring device will COMPLETELY turn your sex life around and add more vigor to you as a man.
When you are not afraid of performing you are no longer terrified of being able to satisfy your wife or girlfriend…
Your intimate relationship will bloom so years of disconnection and disappointment can quickly fade into the past. 
Your relationship connection will be restored so your relationship can be in the absolute best place it has been in years.  

You will once again feel closer to your lover. 
You will no longer be stuck in sexual fear, so you can live every day to the FULLEST!
You will forget about your relationship anxiety and stress so you can simply enjoy life again with the one you love. 
Best of all, this device helps with so much more than ED, so you know you are doing everything you can have keep your healthy male function.

Perform at your best, so you can feel like the MAN you want to be. 
Take back your confidence and control your sexual future. 
Reconnecting with sex is the ultimate way to boost yourself and your relationship for years to come. 
I’m Dr. Earl Mindell, Pharmacist and natural health expert. I am also the author of the New York Times best-selling book, The Vitamin Bible. I have been researching natural health solutions for over fifty years and I have never come across something so powerful in battling ED. Stimulating nitric oxide is a full proof way to ensure circulation is maximized, when you need it most! Red Ring is the future of Erectile Dysfunction Management and you are seeing it before the world. 
Incredible Stories of Success from Around the World...
I feel as confident as I did when I was 20!
"I just recently started using the Red Ring and I feel as confident as I did when I was 20! I had been using Viagra, but I was still having issues maintaining an erection for too long. And trying to concentrate past the mental stress of actually being able to get erect and maintain it just made sex less enjoyable. With this penis ring, the blood starts flowing again where it counts, and I don’t have to think about it! It’s stretchy and got enough grip to stay in place. I can finally enjoy sex like I use to!"
Bert Sykes, Mesa, Arizona
Such an improvement on our sex life, it’s like a second honeymoon.
"For a while now, my husband has dealt with ED because of his diabetes. He’s tried regimens creams and medications, but those didn’t really seem to work. I could see his frustration with sex getting worse, so I did some research of my own. From an online chat about wives and girlfriends dealing with erectile dysfunction, I stumbled upon the Red Ring. I investigated it more and bought a couple for us to try. It’s so soft and very pliable, and very easy to use! Despite his condition, we’ve seen such an improvement on our sex life, it’s like a second honeymoon. He loves it, and I love it!"
Eliana Watts, Huntington, New York
It’s not a sex toy, but a medical device to help ED.
"I’ve been seeing this new guy for a while now, and he’s great. Super sweet, honest, loves going out, totally a keeper. The only problem is the poor guy is struggling with impotence. And he can’t get anything prescribed to him by his doctors because there is nothing physically wrong with him. He keeps telling himself it’s all in his mind, but that only puts him in a weird headspace. So, a girlfriend of mine I was venting to sends me a link to a page about something called Red Ring. At first, I was like “Girl, this is a cock ring! How is a sex toy gonna help?” I found out it’s not a sex toy, but a medical device to help ED. My boyfriend was equally skeptical at first, but now that we’ve tried it for ourselves, it’s like our relationship has gone to all new to territory. We’ve gone from being intimate from once or twice every couple weeks to a couple times a week! It’s good seeing my baby walk tall and confident. Best ring I ever bought for a man."
Chandra Boyce, Birmingham, Alabama
It actually helps get the blood flowing down there!
"I’m 63 years old and I suffer from hypertension. One of the many symptoms along with shortness of breath and chest pain is impotence. I’ve taken the steps to help with my high blood pressure through a better diet and remaining active, but I’m still having troubles getting and keeping an erection. For a while, I thought that part of my relationship with my wife was over. But through a participant trial, I was able to try out the Red Ring for free, and boy did it work wonders for my ED. The material is really stretchy, comfortable and adjustable to many sizes, and it actually helps get the blood flowing down there. These things are great! The misses certainly got a kick out of it."
Harris Castro, Stockton, California
The Average ED Patient Pays OVER $1,500 Per Month on Sexual Enhancing Medications
And only HALF of all patients say that the pills are effective.
If you have ever explored ED medication you know they are very inexpensive. Viagra alone costs over $60 per pill. 

If you took one every single day you would pay $1860.

Men are quickly driven to the idea of a single pill solving all of their ED problems, but these pills can be downright deadly.

In fact, most come with startling cardiac risks.

These drugs are heavily synthetic and are riddled with side effects. Just listen to the next commercial on TV, the side effects are terrifying.
However, Patients line up at the doctor’s asking for prescriptions, but then they also have to take a heart pill to counteract the side effects of ED pills.

Before they know it, they’re taking so many medications that they’ve lost track. And they’ve lost thousands of dollars per year.

But, men gladly pay this in hopes of getting their sex life back. 

The “erectile dysfunction market” is HUGE to Big Pharma, making billions per year off of men’s shame.

And every single patient would agree that the cost is 100% worth it IF the pills actually worked, but most of the time they do not. 

How much is a better sex life worth to you?
Here is the fact that NOBODY wants to hear. Even though more and more sex pills are flooding the market, and billions of dollars are spent each year on developing more…

The ED crisis has reached epidemic levels according to the CDC.

More money is being spent on developing drugs that aren’t having an impact on the overall problem.

Nothing is fixing the problem.
On this page ONLY, you have the chance to do something different and win against erectile dysfunction, while savings thousands.

If you are reading this, you are reading about the only medical device in the world that is registered to fight erectile dysfunction at the circulation level.

It is SAFER and MORE EFFECTIVE than all of the prescriptions being handed out every day.

And I have even better news…
Red Ring Will Not Cost You $1,500 Per Month
Similar FDA Registered Sexually Enhancing Female Medical Devices Cost Over $400
In 2000 the medical community started to buzz over the first ever registered medical device for sexual dysfunction.

The device is named Eros and it was aimed at women who lost circulation and sensitivity to their clitoral region.

When women lose this, they lose sensation like men lose when they develop ED. 

The device itself is a soft plastic cup, with a pump that enhances blood flow to the vaginal area.

This device increases circulation to a woman’s area like the Red Ring does for a mans penis. 

Over 18 years this device has become a huge success, selling out all over the world at the price of $400.

It can be easily argued that the Red Ring has more advanced technology and clinical backing than the EROS AND we have even better news!
The Red Ring will NOT cost you $400
Here is Your Very Limited EXCLUSIVE Pricing (This Page Only)
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As you can see above, the market price for cutting edge erectile dysfunction drugs and sexual devices is hundreds per month or more.
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Or, Standard MSRP of
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As an Exclusive Customer, You Can Buy the NEW Red Ring Medical Device for…
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Today you have a chance to try the FIRST, the NEWEST and MOST TESTED Sexual Dysfunction device ever released in the United States for ONLY Pennies on the Dollar.
$47 (Over 85% Off) is a Complete Bargain When you Consider…
The MSRP for the Red Ring device is $300 – which is directly in line with other sexually enhancing devices.

1. This device is the ONLY Registered Sexual Medical Device for men and it is clinically proven to boost blood flow to the penis and reverse the symptoms of ED.

2. Every single device is tested for quality assurance in the USA under GMP Practices- the gold standard in manufacturing.

Remember, Red Ring is also more effective than dangerous meds that cost over $1,500 per month.

3. The Yearly inventory of Red Ring is always LIMITED and NOT available in any stores due to the import limit of Japanese rare earth minerals. 

We have chosen to make our device as affordable as possible to help as many men as possible.
Is a Brand New Sex Life And More Confidence Worth $47?
Yes!! Many would argue it is worth a lot more
Our patients have never felt lower in their LIFE than while struggling with erectile dysfunction. It ruined a marriage and came close to ruining another relationship immediately afterwards.

Red Ring has closed these tragic chapters, one patient at a time.

Relationships are blossoming. Sex lives are better than ever and they feel like NEW men.
They not only have great sex again, but they actually FEEL like men again. They wake up knowing they can satisfy their partner and provide her with what she needs.

They don’t feel “broken” anymore, like so many other men feel who are struggling with ED. 

No man struggling with erectile dysfunction should have to go through what they have been through.

$47 is a VERY Small Price to pay when it comes to a lifetime of happiness, confidence and amazing sex. 
That’s why, on this page exclusively, Red Ring is as affordable as possible. Because every man deserves what Red Ring provides.

The RED RING goal is to help 1,000,000 men in the next year overcome ED in the next year. 

Here is another incredible stat…

The Average Red Ring Customer Saves An Average of $500 per Month On ED treatments and Dangerous Medications.
But what if you could try Red Ring for EVEN LESS?
Imagine Being able to save EVEN more money.
Well, I have Great News!
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We are in the midst of an ED epidemic and we are trying to give you a running start at tackling the problem.

As you have read, you are not alone. Millions of men are suffering from ED, every single day.

And we know, that your friends will notice, so will your lover’s friends as she brags about your performance.

You will both be happier and more youthful than you have been in years with a reconnected relationship and sex drive. 

Every single one of your friends will want to know your secret as you walk around with new found confidence and swagger.

Frankly, every man over 40 needs the circulation boosting effects of Red Ring.  

Most sex lives are suffering in silence and they will jump at the chance to know what you know.

And when you finally tell them, they will be rushing to buy their own Red Ring (but they will pay much more than you).

For every discounted Red Ring we sell, we will sell 10 more at full price. 

Investing in you is 100% worth it as the results will be clear as day. 

Red Ring has the ability to alter or even end the ED epidemic and you are now at the time of the spear.

You know about this before anyone else in the world.
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Anti-Radiation Insert - 100% FREE (Normally $100)
One Size Fits All Devices
You Are Exclusive! You Cannot Find This Patented Device In Stores

Cell Phone and EMF Radiation is the biggest health threat of this era and research suggests it is only getting worse.

*Every day our bodies are absorbing cancer inducing radiation from our electronic devices that surround our lives.

When you order today, you will receive a US Military Developed Anti-Radiation silicone insert that is laboratory proven to instantly neutralize Positive Ion Radiation, keeping you safe.

These inserts use patented portable negative ionization and FAR Infrared technologies.

They quickly and easily fit on any phone or inside any cell phone case and provide INSTANT protection against EMF Radiation.

Best of all, they reduce device heat which will help extend your battery life as your phone ages.

*This data is based on an $25 million dollar National Institute of Health Clinical Study that directly linked electronic device radiation to the increased risk of various brain cancers.

Study Reference

This is a Value of $100 - You Pay Nothing
Plus, This Incredible Device is Not Found In Stores
In TOTAL you will EXCLUSIVELY save $265 off the Lowest Online Price.
What you are reading about RIGHT NOW is an incredibly valuable package that other customers all around the world will pay $312 for on a daily basis!

They gladly do this because of how GREAT they feel when they use Red Ring and their ED symptoms become a distant memory 

You are getting all of this for ONLY $312 $47! Do not blow this chance to fix your joint pain while ONLY paying pennies on the dollar.

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Total Value of $312
If you were to buy this separately, you would pay $312! Today, you are only going to pay $47 (Until Midnight/While Inventory Lasts) 
Act right now and find out why International Sexual Wellness Doctors are calling the Red Ring…
“The Most Important Erectile Dysfunction Advancement since the Invention of Viagra in 1998”
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The Performance of Red Ring is Fully Backed By A “No Questions” 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
We fully and gladly stand behind the performance of Red Ring.

Try Red Ring RISK-FREE with our Triple Protection, FULL Money Back Guarantee.

If it does not work, we want you get Every Single Dollar of your money back. 

My risk managers hate when I lay out this guarantee, BUT I want to ensure you a 100% comfortable purchasing Red Ring right away.

First of all, let me be crystal clear.

I am totally certain that Red Ring is going to boost your sexual function and make you feel decades younger. 

With this type of performance increase, you will have the confidence and swagger of a man much younger. You will not want to return, you will wish you purchased more. 

In fact, I’m SO sure of your success, I’m willing to put my butt on the line and back up every dollar of your purchase with My NO RISK guarantee. 

Whether you buy 1 Red Ring or multiple, we want you to have a RISK-FREE chance to try Red Ring and fully experience the benefits for a FULL 30 Days.
So, here is what I am going to do, right now, today!
1. If you don’t see an immediate sexual improvement, then send it back for a FULL REFUND.
2. If you have doubts or decide you don’t want to try it, send it back for a FULL REFUND.
3. Or if you just don’t like the way it looks, or the box it is in, send it back for a FULL REFUND.
You have NO RISK in this process.
Absolutely No Questions asked!
The Guarantee is THAT simple. And believe it or not, our guarantee covers the first 30 days of your purchase. That’s the entire “active life” of the device. 

We want to ensure you like the look, shape, feel and are able to CONFIRM it is making the noticeable difference that men around the world, are reporting. 

Why offer such a great guarantee at my own risk?

Our Statistics say you WILL NOT send it back. In fact, our stats say you will want to know how to order more for less.

Once you’ve tried Red Ring and are finally performing like a stud again, you will never want to go back. Instead, you’ll probably come rushing back to this page to buy more! (IF we still have stock)

I am willing to bet you would roll up your sleeves and fight me if I ever tried to take this incredible sexual device from you. 

Men all around the world will not be caught dead without Red Ring in their bedroom. You will soon see why it has caught fire.
You are Exclusive! You are the FIRST IN THE WORLD to know about this technology.
After almost 8 years in the making, you are getting a chance to try the world’s most power ED solution
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You qualify for this AMAZING pricing on this very private page because you are a valued and exclusive customer or subscriber and you have been with us for years.

At some points, we didn’t know if we would be able to complete this technology as the entire process was arduous. 
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Other customers DO NOT Have access to this pricing, they will be paying over $100 a device or more. 
However, We Will Need Your Help
Very simply put, giving our loyal customers INCREDIBLE pricing is our marketing strategy that has worked since 2011.
We invest in YOU instead of high dollar, over paid endorsers or millions in TV advertising.
We know, from vast experience that once YOU begin and keep using Red Ring you will never want to stop. You will have night after night of sexual success and you and your partner will be hooked.
You will feel younger and healthier as you satisfy your partner like you have not done in years. Your confidence will exude and your friends will take notice.
When you are boosted and set free from the prison of ED, it really and truly shows. Those around you will know that you are happier and your self esteem has peaked.

They will want to know your secret
THIS is the secret behind our “word of mouth” marketing strategy. Now, some men like keeping this secret to themselves… kind of like a secret weapon. 

And that is ok, but if you are comfortable, we want you to tell the world. 
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By giving you a discount and allowing you to use Red Ring over weeks, months and years we will develop exponential growth in new customers and full priced orders.
We are investing in you, our loyal customer instead of a multi-million-dollar marketing campaign.
This is TRULY and “WIN” “WIN” Situation!
Do You Need Additional Assistance?
Call Toll Free:  1 (855) 200 - 9499
We have LIVE phone reps standing by from 9am to 5pm EST (Monday thru Friday).
Our Current Supply is Very Limited, Once They are Gone, They are Gone.
Remember, we have ONLY produced an initial allotment of Red Ring devices and they are VERY LIMITED based up on the explosive demand.

If you don't reserve a device now you may have to wait until a new batch is complete or the rare earth minerals are able to be excavated again.

Based on current Japanese legislation, our next excavation period may not be until next year.
Japanese Rare Earth Minerals are the purest in the world, which is a good and bad thing. The GOOD part is the emit very potent levels of FAR Infrared. The BAD part is they are also used in many other industries such as making TV’s and Cell Phones. 

In fact, the biggest rare earth mineral excavator in Japan is Apple. Due to this extreme demand the Japanese government limits outside excavation from companies like Red Ring.

This means we can only excavate so much raw material each year per their legislation.

As demand keeps growing, we may face a “production gap”. 
Do NOT Miss out on this Opportunity!

Just Do Me A Favor And Please Don’t Place An Order If You’re Not Going To Do Anything With The Device.

Other men out there desperately need it.

Many ED sufferers are in need and they are counting on this potent device for themselves and their spouses.

Like I said, there may not be enough devices to go around for every single person reading this page. 

So please only order if you’re deadly serious about reversing your ED and living a full life with your family.

It wouldn’t be fair to others if you order multiple devices and never do anything with the product.

During our clinical trials we had people calling and begging for a continued supply - they really really need this.

Are we clear? If so, great because I have some exciting news.
Are You Ready To Experience The Sexual Enhancing Power of the Red Ring?
You Do Not Even Have to Make a Decision Today.

What do I mean by that? 

I am so confident the Red Ring is going to be a Godsend to you, I am going to do something that goes against the normal rules of business. 

You can try the Red Ring - for a FULL 30 Days and if, for any reason at all you are not thrilled with the results, simply return it for a FULL REFUND

You can try Red Ring with ABSOLUTELY No Risk

My intuition tells me that you really need this device. And, if your sex does not improve (which is highly unlikely), we want to hear from you immediately so we can refund your money.   

So let’s summarize one more time... 

Red Ring is the FIRST EVER FDA Registered Male Sexual Device

The Red Ring Device will immediately increase blood flow to your penis by initiating nitric oxide. When circulation is increased the gentle restriction of the device will keep you sensitive and erect for a long as you need it to perform.  

The RED RING is your solution to years of sensitive, rock hard erections 
This Page Expires In:
But you Must Remember - Only So Many Devices Can Be Made Per Year (Do not let Someone else Steal your Sexual Advantage)
Nothing like Red Ring has ever hit the market before - The is the World Premier that is changing the face of sexual health.

Have you purchased “Store Bought” Sexual Enhancers? 

How did they work for you?

I thought so, if they worked well you wouldn’t have read this far!
Red Ring is Powerful and unique

The Red Ring slips onto the penis and instantly begins sending wave after wave of nitric oxide enhancing FAR Infrared. These waves go to work enhancing your penile circulation, giving you the largest and longest lasting rock hard erections of your life.

In clinical trial, after clinical trial the Red Ring is the first non pill, non invasive way to enhance your erections and sexual performance, no matter your age. 
Remember, this is VERY TIME SENSITIVE
However, the rare earth minerals that power Red Ring are VERY Limited due to Japanese government restrictions. 

The levels of Non Thermal FAR Infrared shown in the Red Ring is only possible using a proprietary blend of Japanese rare earth minerals. This blend is what makes Red Ring possible.

However, many of the same rare earth minerals are also used to make high end electronics like flat TV’s and the all popular iPhone. 

Due to this, the Japanese has protected excavation by limited entities like Red Ring to a yearly allowance to they can service the billion dollar conglomerates.  
Alert: These means we can only make so many RED RING devices per year and the demand in only rising.
This is the world release. As world gets out about the amazing device, more and more will sell worldwide and the yearly supply will sell out faster and faster.

Do not wait, claim your unit now. We do not know how fast word will spread and we do not know how long our supply will last. 
When They Are Gone, 
They Are Gone For The Year
So Right NOW You Have Two Options, As I See It…

Option 1…

You can keep wasting hundreds of dollars on the latest store bought sexual enhancers or expensive, addictive, toxic pharmaceuticals OR...

Option 2…

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You can reserve your own Red Ring and begin boosting your sex life RIGHT AWAY.
Your brand new life of intimacy could be just days away.

Assuming we still have enough units left as the demand will increase very very quickly.

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There are two things that I think you believe at this point…

1. You’re serious about aggressively taking your sex life back and performing like you did years ago. 

2. You KNOW that you’re looking for something that finally has some real science behind it - because you are sick and tired of remedies that do not work or pharmaceuticals that will most likely kill you down the road.

You understand how powerful Non thermal FAR Infrared is when it comes to powering sexual function and rock hard erections on demand. 

Click The "Add To Cart" Orange Button Below while we still have Red Ring devices in stock. 

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One More Thing...
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You Can Be That Person! That Option is NOW Available!
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Choose a GREAT Life, With a Fulfilling Sex Life
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Your credit card information is completely safe and your information is kept private. We’ve taken the necessary steps to make sure the checkout process is simple and even more safe than using your card at your favorite restaurant.

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Those who wait, will pay dramatically more (if they are even still available)

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Please remember this entire purchase is protected by our 30 Day NO RISK guarantee. There is no reason in the world not to try this amazing device AND if it doesn’t work for you, you can get 100% of your money back. 

Yes, this is REALLY as simple as that. 

No have nothing to lose and a BRAND NEW enhanced sex life to gain! 
Can you Imagine the Best Sex of your life? I mean Sex Better than when You were Twenty.
Just imagine how it’s going to feel once your package arrives and you begin using the powerful Red Ring. Once again obtaining super sensitive, rock hard erections that can lost for hours.

You’ll be able to experience having a normal and healthy sex life like you were 25 years old again, without fear of letting down your spouse.

You’ll have more drive, life passion and well-being AND your male confidence will be through the roof.

Plus, your energy levels will skyrocket and your relationship will once again flourish. 

DO NOT Believe Anyone Who Says You Are Past Your Prime, You are not. Your Prime is JUST Beginning. 

Just because conventional wisdom might say you’re past your prime, doesn’t mean you have to lay down and die. You do not have to lose your sexual function. 

You can still have an active, amazing and fun life well into your elder years. All without pain and being locked into the world of prescription pain relievers.

And when you can finally perform like you did when you were 10-20 years younger, you truly will feel like a young stud again… full of confidence and excitement.

It’s entirely possible and achievable. Just imagine how much more fun you’re going to have with with your wife with ENHANCED sexual function. 

The good news is with Red Ring, a brand new and improved sex life is right in front of you.

The best sex of your life is not out of the question.

This single device can quickly give you your confidence and sex life back. 

Never Miss A Night of Sex Again

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Don't worry, all Red Ring devices are shipped discreetly. No one has to know your secret. 
If the NEXT PAGE does NOT load, the INITIAL inventory has already SOLD OUT for this EXCLUSIVE RELEASE
Let’s Summarize One Last Time
Red Ring is the first ever FDA Registered Sexual Function Medical Device. It’s proprietary technology supercharges penis circulation flow leading to sensitive, rock hard erections. Best of all, it is not age dependent. If you have blood vessels in your penis, it works. 
  •  Red Ring is the first ever FDA Registered Medical Device for Sexual Dysfunction.
  •  It is safe and Non Invasive and highly clinically tested.
  •  It is made of proprietary Japanese rare earth minerals.
  •  Yearly production is limited very limited.
For the next 24 hours you can purchase a Red Ring for only $97 $47 AND you get a SECOND unit FREE

Plus, all orders ship FREE (Worldwide) and includes a FREE gift. 

Remember, this is a “this page only” very limited offer
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  •  FREE Fusion IONZ Medical Device ($100 Value)
Don't worry, all Red Ring devices are shipped discreetly. No one has to know your secret. 
If the NEXT PAGE does NOT load, the INITIAL inventory has already SOLD OUT for this EXCLUSIVE RELEASE
Do You Need Additional Assistance?
Call Toll Free:  1 (855) 200 - 9499
We have LIVE phone reps standing by from 9am to 5pm EST (Monday thru Friday).
* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
Testimonials above are from actual customers. Photos are representations of our customers to protect their privacy.